Fathers morning


Hello everyone,

This morning our fathers came in for Father’s Day morning. They had a lovely breakfast and coffee. In 5Eb,we made some picture frames and printed out some pictures. It was some much fun. Hope u guys had a lovely morning with your dads.

Sovereign hill camp snapshot by Ruby


As I heard everybody saying I found gold, I found gold. I was so sad like a dead tree because I haven’t found any gold. Then I see a shine in my eye thinking it might be some gold, I picked it up with my finger and I said is this really gold I’ll go up to the store and see, they said its yes it’s gold it’s really gold I was so happy before any one could still it I quickly put it in my bottle for safe reasons. In a Blake of an eye I found so more gold I was so surprised. I smelled the dirty water it was so gross,I was about to puke! It was so dirty. There were so many dirty rocks that’s why it was so dirty. When I was panning a boy ran across me and splash water in my face and my mouth was open why did this have to happen to me. But I still so so so happy that I found some gold.